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Hey, all. I found this great website that offers the truth about abortion. An incovenient truth that those in the pro-abortion industry would like to not see the light of day. If you know anyone who is facing an unexpected pregnancy who might be considering abortion as an option, please go to and dive in. Consider it a little research project. They’ve got arguments against all the common excuses that the pro-abortion camp likes to offer. Wanting to have an intellectual conversation and skip all the yelling back and forth? Go to and learn the facts that will help you persuade your friend that abortion really isn’t an option.


A Bella Life

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bellaposter2.jpgYou might not have heard about it, but there’s a movie out there that is getting rave reviews. It won the People’s Choice award at the Toronto Film Festival. And it’s actually life-affirming. Imagine that! The name of the movie is Bella. Rush Limbaugh was exclaiming this past week of what a great film it was. I just went to see Bella today, and I thought it was an excellent film. It treated the subjects of unwanted pregnancy and abortion fairly, covering the emotions that a woman goes through and the issues she has to work through when trying to decide whether to keep her baby or not. has a great review of it. It also has a story of what the lead actor experienced as he tried to do research at an abortion clinic. You’ve got to read the entire story. Here’s a little snippet:

Prior to filming, in an effort to understand what the character Nina was going through, Eduardo made a visit to an abortion clinic. “I wanted to build my character and do some research and investigation.”

“I went there thinking that it was going to be something very simple and easy … stop the first lady and ask her a few questions, do my notes.” He was not expecting the emotional experience of what followed. “I was in shock when I saw all these 16- and 17-year-old girls going in and I didn’t know what to do. I forgot about the film and then I saw a few people outside trying to convince [a young girl] not to do it.”

You’ve got to read the rest of it to find out what happens. And you’ve got to see the movie. Go to Fandango to find the nearest theater that’s playing it. Watch the trailer here.