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Christians on Trial in Algeria

Posted in Algeria with tags , , , , , on June 25, 2008 by Mike

The Christian Post is reporting that two men who converted from Islam to Christianity are now on trial for illegally promoting the Christian faith.

Rachid Mohammed Seghir, 40, and Jammal Dahmani, 36, were already convicted in absentia for illegal practice of a non-Muslim religion in 2007 but asked for a new trial, as Algerian law allows, their lawyer said.

They are charged with praying in a building that had not been granted a religious permit by authorities and are also accused of trying to spread the Christian faith among Muslims, the court said.

Their defense lawyer said she felt confidant that her clients would not be incarcerated.

“Things have taken a good turn, and it’s good sign this affair will be solved,” Khelloudja Khalfoun told The Associated Press on the phone from Tissemsilt, about 155 miles southwest of Algiers, the capital.


Two Christians kidnapped in Pakistan

Posted in Overseas with tags , , , , , , on October 28, 2007 by Mike

The Times of India reports that pro-Taliban militants kidnapped two Christian sanitation workers at a hospital. Regarding the atmosphere of oppression against Christians in this region, the Times of India reports:

Islamist militants in Pakistan have regularly threatened to kill Christian clerics in Southern Punjab’s Khanewal district if they did not “embrace Islam and stop preaching Christianity.” Demanding equal opportunities “as promised” by Pakistan founder Muhammad Ali Jinnah, minority organisations in August had sought a ban on forced conversions and repeal of the stringent blasphemy laws in the Islamic country.