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Hey, all. I found this great website that offers the truth about abortion. An incovenient truth that those in the pro-abortion industry would like to not see the light of day. If you know anyone who is facing an unexpected pregnancy who might be considering abortion as an option, please go to and dive in. Consider it a little research project. They’ve got arguments against all the common excuses that the pro-abortion camp likes to offer. Wanting to have an intellectual conversation and skip all the yelling back and forth? Go to and learn the facts that will help you persuade your friend that abortion really isn’t an option.


Baby Marco

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Baby Marco and his parentsThe Daily Mail , a paper in the UK, has this heartwarming story of a couple who, after being told by doctors they should abort their baby at week 20 due to serious conditions, decided that even one hour with their baby would be better than not giving him a chance to live.

His parents Julie Crampin, 36, and Antony Lara rejected advice to have the pregnancy terminated, and Marco was born with a range of serious conditions, including water on the brain, a hole in the heart and pyloric stenosis – a narrowing of the outlet of the stomach.

But the couple from Gloucester are delighted with their son and say he is making good progress.

Mr Lara, a 40-year-old hairdresser, said: “There was never a moment when we were in any doubt that we wanted him, even if he only lived for a day.

“Just to have had him alive for a few hours would have been better than not giving him the chance of life.”

Marco’s problems were revealed when his mother had a scan at 20 weeks.

Mr Lara said: “He was diagnosed as severely disabled. The chances of having him were minimal.

“We were told he could either be seriously disabled or die at birth, so we had big decisions to make.

“We were given the option of a termination, but we both became determined to have him.”

The couple managed to find hope in daily updates from doctors which, although still desperate, showed Marco to be a fighter.

Read the entire story. It will cheer you up for the entire day. And click on the photo to see it full-size.