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Pastor Beaten, Robbed in India

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Journal Chretien is reporting that a pastor was attacked, beaten, and robbed by two Hindu village leaders in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

…two village leaders of the Hindu Radical group Bajrang Dal (Monkey Brigade) attacked him with iron rods and wooden clubs. One of the men hit Rampal on his head with an iron rod, and he fell to the ground unconscious and bleeding heavily. They then robbed Rampal of 3,000 Indian rupees ($70.4722 USD), which was in his shirt pocket, given by one of the believers for some work to be done.

Hearing the pastor’s scream for help, the believers of the village rushed to the spot and took Rampal to the nearby Government hospital and got his head wound dressed. He gained consciousness and he was given medicines too.


More Details on Orissa

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CBN News is providing more details on what exactly has happened to the hundreds of Christians that have been attacked in recent weeks in Orissa state, India.

Hundreds of homes and churches were destroyed. More than 2,000 Christians are in refugee camps. Hundreds more are hiding in the jungles for fear of another attack.

“As the mob was destroying our churches I could hear them chanting ‘Victory to our Hindu gods,'” said Kandhamal pastor Solomon Nayak. “All we could do was hide in our homes and pray.”

Dr. Sajan George, who heads the Global Council of Indian Christians, was asked if he had any evidence that the violent onslaught was a coordinated and planned attack.

“This was well coordinated, well orchestrated because it has happened in 80 different places,” he replied.

George’s organization documents the persecution of Christian in India. He says the attacks weren’t just random acts of violence.

“They marked the houses, they knew were the churches were and they spontaneously went and attacked,” George said.

George and other Christian leaders believe the attacks are part of a much larger campaign by Hindu fanatics to stop lower-caste Hindus known as Untouchables or Dalits from converting to Christianity.

“God is moving among the Dalits and setting us free. The Hindus don’t like this. So they accuse us of bribing and forcing others to convert and this is not true,” Dalit convert Daniel Digal said.

More details on Indian attacks

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World Vision office destroyed by Hindu attackers in OrissaChristian Today has more details on the attacks on Christians that occurred this week in Chhattisgarh, the neighboring state of Orissa.

Around 100 unknown attackers armed with lathis weapons (sticks) and petrol bombs attacked a prayer meeting led by Pastor Mohan C Thomas and Jose Kajur in Bothli village of Gurur area of Durg district., reports the Evangelical Fellowship of India.

The attackers rushed to the attack site in a truck where around 2,500 people from nearby villages had gathered to attend an open air prayer meeting last Wednesday.

The innocent Christian worshippers and workers were targeted on the pretext of forceful conversion. In a brutal attack lasting around 10 minutes, the attackers beat them mercilessly and burnt the huge pandal (tent) where they were assembled down to ashes, according to the EFI’s General Secretary, the Rev Dr Richard Howell. The incident was witnessed by viewers on a prime News Channel IBN 7.

More Attacks on Christians in India

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The Times of India is reporting that the wave of attacks on Christians in India is spreading.

Within weeks of unprecedented communal clashes in four districts of Orissa, attacks on Christians by Hindu fanatics spread to neighbouring Chhattisgarh on Thursday. At least a dozen people were injured when more than 200 workers of Dharmasena, a front outfit of the RSS, attacked a missionary camp in Dhamtari district.

Thousands Rally Against Christmas Attacks

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Ecumenical News International is reporting that almost 10,000 Indian Christians rallied in the capital of Orissa to protest the attacks that occurred over Christmas.

Pastor Sidheswar Digal was making Christmas preparations on 24 December when he heard a mob howling anti-Christian slogans outside his house. “When I came out, I saw our people running away into the jungle. They urged me, ‘run’, and I joined them,” said Pastor Digal who said his Assembly of God church was destroyed by a 600-strong mob. He said the mob destroyed all three churches in Pobingia, his, a Baptist and a Roman Catholic place of worship – writes Anto Akkara.

Rally speakers called on the Orissa state government to stop making allegations purporting that Christians are linked to an outlawed Maoist rebel movement. They also demanded that Christian churches and groups be allowed to provide direct relief to victims.

“Some people have characterised the violence as a Hindu-Christian clash. This is wrong. Dalit Christians were clearly the targets and innocent victims. The state government has also made baseless accusations that some Christian NGOs are aligned with Naxalites [the Maoists],” said Udit Raj, a speaker at the rally. Naxalites are Maoist rebels who often attack government installations throughout central India. Most are disenfranchised Dalits or Tribals.

Christians leaders also said the authorities were preventing their relief bodies from distributing aid in the area affected by the violence.

“Orissa’s government should allow direct relief projects by churches and Christian NGOs. Currently, we are being told we can only distribute blankets, food and other supplies through the District Collectors,” said Joseph D’souza, president of the All India Christian Council at the protest rally at which Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists also spoke in support of the Christians.

Hindu Mob Attacks Christmas Celebration

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The Indian Catholic News Service is reporting that a mob of Hindu fundamentalists attacked a Christmas celebration on Christmas Eve in Bamunigam, India.

An onlooker Praful Nayak on looker told ICNS, “Today around 10.00 am
mob (Hindus) around 500 came and attacked the Christians and destroyed crib, pandal and light and sound. It may cost 2 lakhs. They have also made gun injuries and attacked with sword, lathi and other instruments.”

The parish had obtained the permission from District authority Police Superintendent of Kandhamal and had prepared crib, pandal and illuminated the small town with various kinds of lights. The Authority had promised to send the police force but police but
police force were not present. But the parish was told that many Hindu people are going to the spot, and police presence may cause more damage.

Sr Prasan Sualsingh Superior Prabhatitara Convent Bamunigam said, “The Christian community (Catholic, Baptist, Pentecost etc.) of Bamunigam area decided to
celebrate Christmas in grand way. They had obtained the permission from District authority Police Superintendent of Kandhamal and had prepared crib, pandal and illuminated the small town with various kinds of lights.”

Fr Prodosh Nayak, said “Two people have received gun injuries and many were sustain physical injuries, still people are being brought to the hospital by local vans.”

“The Christians are scared that they (mob) may do more damage. They remain under threat and fear,” Fr Nayak said.

Hindu Extremists Attack Christian Family

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International Christian Concern is reporting that some Hindu extremists in India instigated some youths to attack a Christian family for not celebrating a Hindu holiday.

According to the Global Council of Indian Christians (GCIC), extremists of the Bajrang Dal, the youth wing of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (World Hindu council or VHP), gave liquor to Hindu youths and compelled them to launch an attack on the family of a Christian, Pritam Arse, on November 9 in the Raubanda slum area near Durg Railway Station in Chhattisgarh state’s Durg district. Arse is a member of a church belonging to the Living Grace Ministries.

Arse and his family members, including his wife and grown-up children, were praying inside their house when they heard fire crackers going off on their veranda. When they went out, more than 20 youths beat up Arse’s eldest son Ravi Arse, taunting, “So, you don’t celebrate Diwali?”

On Diwali, which fell on November 9 this year, Hindus light candles, put up decoration lights on their homes, and burn crackers, besides worshiping the goddess Lakshmi, the god of money.