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Christians in Gaza Targeted

Posted in Gaza with tags , , , on May 26, 2008 by Mike

One News Now is reporting that Christians in Gaza are trapped in a time when persecution of Christians is increasing.

A building in Gaza with an Internet café owned by a Christian was bombed. However, no one was hurt; but windows were shattered. The café had been the target of another failed bombing earlier in the week. Carl Moeller of Open Doors USA says it is the latest in a string of attacks against Christians.

Moeller says it is obvious that the Christian community is being targeted, and that many Christians are faced with the difficult choice to “… [f]lee or to try and stay in their homes.”

“The unfortunate thing for most Christians in Gaza is that they are not able to flee,” notes Moeller. “There’s no possibility of immigration from Gaza for the vast majority of the Christian population there,” he maintains.