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Hamas Failing to Protect Gaza Christians

Posted in Gaza Strip with tags , , , , on December 13, 2007 by Mike

The World Tribune is reporting that Hamas has done virtually nothing to protect the tiny community of Christians who live in the Gaza Strip.

Palestinian sources said the Islamist regime has not arrested suspects in attacks on the estimated 2,500 Christians in the Gaza Strip. They attributed the assaults to either Hamas operatives or their allies.

“Hamas has limited its response to attacks on the Christian community to verbal condemnations,” a Palestinian source said. “It has not taken efforts to capture those who have targeted Christians.”

The attacks have focused on churches and homes around Gaza City. On Dec. 8, four masked gunmen dressed as Islamic fundamentalists sought to abduct a guard at a church in Gaza City, the second attack since October 2007.

The attempted abduction was foiled by shopkeepers near the church who began shouting. The gunmen fired several shots in the air and drove away in a waiting car.

The sources said the attackers have sought to intimidate Christians into handing over deeds to property. They said the church was attacked because it contains many of the valuables that Christians would not keep at home.

“We believe there are elements who want to drive Christians out of the Gaza Strip,” a church source said. “We have gone to the government and there has not been a response.”