UK Christian Charity Loses Right to Control Hiring Practices

In yet another sign of the apocalypse, the Christian Post is reporting that a British Christian charity that helps those with learning disabilities lost in a ruling by an employee tribunal the right to control its own hiring practices.

In a weekend ruling by the Tribunal of Abergele, North West Wales, the tribunal said that Prospects, a well-known charitable organization, could not require new or existing employees to sign and agree to a “religious ethos” or statement of faith in salvation through Jesus Christ.

Although the statement of faith did not require any standard of behavior in its employees other than to “work within both the Christian ethos and the policies of Prospects,” the tribunal ruled the charity’s statement of faith illegal because of its use of public funding.

The suit against the charity organization was brought after two former employees, Mark Sheridan and Louise Hender, protested the group’s alleged practice of preferential hiring and promotions towards Christian employees.

In a statement, The British Humanist Association (BHA), which helped finance the lawsuit, praised the ruling as a “landmark” decision.

“A clear message has been sent out by this decision: that blanket discrimination in employment policies and practices on grounds of religion or belief is simply unacceptable, and that an instruction to discriminate against someone on the basis of that person’s religion or belief will be unlawful,” said BHA Chief Executive Hanne Stinson.

Obviously, BHA doesn’t get it. The effect of this ruling will be to essentially shut down any charities who are religiously-based and receive government funding. Okay, maybe BHA does get it. This effect is exactly what they are aiming for–get any evidence of religion in society to disappear and make the government’s role even greater in everyone’s lives. The ironic thing is that Humanism is a religion. It meets pretty much anyone’s definition of a religion.


2 Responses to “UK Christian Charity Loses Right to Control Hiring Practices”

  1. I can see why they ruled as they did. The government is funding the charity. However, if the charity is doing good work, which is obvious in its results, let them be. Let a Christian organization hire who they will. Let a Muslim organization hire who they will as well. Let’s see who does more good work for society. Hmm…. haven’t seen too many Muslim charities lately…

  2. Larry Reed Says:

    Do you really believe that a Muslim group would hire an evangelical Christian to work for them. I think not. Would a Gay and Lesbian organization hire an evangelical Christian work for them ( I know you are asking why would they want to work for them, but that is beside the point), I think not. So our goverment will soon tell us who we have to hire to work for our church? scary!

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