More on Graham’s Remarks

More on the controversy surrounding Franklin Graham’s comments discouraging “illegal” evangelism in China during the Olympics. From CNS News:

John Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute, a conservative civil liberties organization, had strong words for Graham, saying his comments “compromise the Christian faith.”

“The activities of Christ were considered illegal, but that didn’t stop Him,” he said. “Jesus could have avoided the cross, but God’s Word was too important to compromise. The activities of Paul were considered illegal, but he refused to be put off. He suffered beatings and spent much time in jail because he saw the Gospel of Christ as too important to be silenced. And the Apostle Peter was very clear that we should obey God, rather than men.”

Whitehead said that any law restricting the Gospel is void and of no effect. He expressed concern that statements like Graham’s may “actually give the Chinese government the impetus to continue its persecution of Chinese Christians.”

“Until evangelical Christians decide that the faith should be proclaimed loudly and boldly with compassion, no matter where they may be, the moral morass of the world will only get worse,” he said.


One Response to “More on Graham’s Remarks”

  1. theologien Says:

    Crying out loud, where did Whitehead get his theology? I think he needs to read a little N T Wright on why Jesus was a threat to the Temple leadership. He was telling them that their old wineskins could not contain the new wine that Jesus was bringing.

    We would call it “job security” today. No one wants to be downsized, even if it is God who is doing it.

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