Jesus in the Fetal Position

The BBC is airing its take on the Easter story. Part of that portrayal is having Jesus being crucified in the fetal position. The BBC says that it has found new historical evidence for this portrayal. Gary Davis at Associated Content has a great column on what the reaction of Christians should be.

This is far from the first time that Jesus Christ and Christianity have been attacked through the use of demeaning portrayals. Jesus has been shown to be a homosexual without conscience, a lover to Mary Magdalene, as well as a Chocolate Jesus, and virtually any negative image you can think of; why?

Why does Jesus Christ bring out such hatred? Jesus Christ brings out hatred from men for two reasons; first, He leaves no room in the Bible for any misunderstanding; He says that He is the one and only God. That means, by definition, He calls every other religion false; there is no room in the Christian Doctrine for any discussion or compromise. People like to say, in criticism of Christians, “They think they have all the answers”.

It gets worse for mankind. Jesus says in the Bible that there is no man or woman worthy of Heaven or, of even being called “good” without being covered by His Blood. What that comment does is call everyone a sinner and essentially says that even “good people” aren’t really “good”. It is not surprising then that Jesus Christ is hated and that people take great pleasure in trying to take away His Godly Character.


3 Responses to “Jesus in the Fetal Position”

  1. If the purpose of the use of the fetal position is to demean the death of Jesus Christ, what an exercise of inefficiency, since the entire act, from the first strike to Jesus’ face, to the historical/traditional rendering of Jesus hanging on the Cross was in and of itself, a demeaning end to a life. Jesus knew it, the disciples knew it, the public knew it, and we should know it. That is why to many the gospel message was a stumbling block. But no worries…Christians should revel in the fact that Jesus suffered a demeaning and humiliating death in their stead. Jesus said the last will be first. In Matthew, he said he was of a “humble heart.”

    So if the BBC wants to show Jesus in the fetal position, it doesn’t irk me. I still think they are historically wrong in their portrayal, but the gospel has already accomplished the task of depicting a humiliating death.

  2. Whats wrong with Jesus being chocolate? I can understand the rest but in reality Jesus was more dark than white. Ethnically Jesus is accurately asian. Everything else other than Jesus being dark is not open for debate. So therefore we must not mix together open handed and closed handed issues as one. I am serious on trying to help you with your effectiveness.

  3. Paco,

    Since I wasn’t the author of the quoted article (Gary Davis was), I can’t tell you for sure exactly what he was referring to when he said “Chocolate Jesus”–was it a candy reference or a racial reference? Whatever he meant, it’s really not the point of his article. The point was that the world hates Jesus, so we shouldn’t be surprised when we see Him attacked in various ways.

    One way to make your comment more effective would be to actually comment on the overall point of the post, not an obscure phrase embedded in the post.

    God Bless,

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