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Jesus in the Fetal Position

Posted in England with tags , , , , , on March 17, 2008 by Mike

The BBC is airing its take on the Easter story. Part of that portrayal is having Jesus being crucified in the fetal position. The BBC says that it has found new historical evidence for this portrayal. Gary Davis at Associated Content has a great column on what the reaction of Christians should be.

This is far from the first time that Jesus Christ and Christianity have been attacked through the use of demeaning portrayals. Jesus has been shown to be a homosexual without conscience, a lover to Mary Magdalene, as well as a Chocolate Jesus, and virtually any negative image you can think of; why?

Why does Jesus Christ bring out such hatred? Jesus Christ brings out hatred from men for two reasons; first, He leaves no room in the Bible for any misunderstanding; He says that He is the one and only God. That means, by definition, He calls every other religion false; there is no room in the Christian Doctrine for any discussion or compromise. People like to say, in criticism of Christians, “They think they have all the answers”.

It gets worse for mankind. Jesus says in the Bible that there is no man or woman worthy of Heaven or, of even being called “good” without being covered by His Blood. What that comment does is call everyone a sinner and essentially says that even “good people” aren’t really “good”. It is not surprising then that Jesus Christ is hated and that people take great pleasure in trying to take away His Godly Character.


More on Sri Lanka

Posted in Sri Lanka with tags , , , , on March 16, 2008 by Mike

Here’s a warm welcome to our newest Blogroll member, Remember Ambassadors. They’ve got a great article with more info on the violence that’s happening in Sri Lanka.

About 70% of Sri Lanka’s 20 million people are Buddhist. In fact, Sri Lanka has the longest continuous history of Buddhism among all Buddhist nations. The other 30% is divided among a variety of religions, including Islam and Hinduism, with Christians comprising around 6% of the total population.

It appears that hostilities towards Christians is growing. In just the past couple of weeks, there have been a number of attacks against Christians and their church buildings. Though these may be unrelated incidents of persecution, it could be that this marks an escalation of violence against Christians in general!

China Cracking Down Ahead of Olympics

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BP Sports is reporting that China seems to be in the midst of a crackdown on Christians before the Olympics.

“We seem to be seeing a crackdown ahead of the Olympics. Whether that’s to send a message to the church to lay low or whether it is to make sure that anybody who might cause international embarrassment is taken care of ahead of time, I don’t know,” Todd Nettleton, a spokesman for Voice of the Martyrs, told Baptist Press. “But we do see an increase in the level of arrests, the level of house church services being raided, that sort of activity.

“We also have seen a number of foreigners who are Christians who, when the time came to renew their visa they have been denied a new visa and told that they had to leave the country,” Nettleton added. “So it’s happening both amongst the house churches of native Chinese people as well as foreign Christians who are living and working in China. They’re finding that they’re no longer welcome.”

Sri Lanka Christians Facing Attacks

Posted in Sri Lanka with tags , , , on March 8, 2008 by Mike

BosNewsLife is reporting that attacks on Christians in Sri Lanka have been on the rise lately.

Britain-based Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), a major rights group, told BosNewsLife there this month saw a “dramatic” increase in attacks against Christians in the country, including Monday, March 3 when the Zion Mount Prayer House in Sri Lanka’s Mulaitivu District was set on fire. “The pastor, his wife, child and two other people were inside at the time, although it is believed they were able to escape.”

The previous day ten Bible School students in Lunuwila, Putlam District, were reportedly attacked by ten masked men on motorbikes.

The violence apparently occurred as the students of the Believers Church Bible College were walking from the railway station. “They were beaten, kicked and attacked with rods. More attackers arrived in a van and dragged one student into the vehicle, where he was beaten and kicked. Nine students were treated in hospital for injuries,” CSW said in a statement.

Exiled Chinese Pastor Has Guarded Hopes

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The Rev. Bob Fu of the Chinese Aid Association says in the Ecumenical News International that while the relative freedom that Chinese Christians might experience the year of the Beijing Olympics could be short-lived, he has high hopes for the future.

Concerning religious harrassment in China in 2008, Fu noted, “It may decrease a little, in terms of cases of persecution, given the Olympic diplomacy and image-making gestures.” These efforts had trigged in him a desire that the statements about religious freedom of the Chinese leadership would be translated into genuine policy instead of being temporary diplomatic manoeuvres.

“I am very hopeful and optimistic for the future of the Christian faith in China. And I think eventually in the next two decades or so, China will become a world Christian hub for the 21st century,” Fu told ENI.