Chinese Police Confiscate, Burn House Church Bibles

BosNewsLife is reporting that several Chinese Christians were beaten by Chinese police last week when they tried to recover Bibles that had been confiscated from a house church in December 2007.

“After ignoring the members’ request, officials proceeded to violently remove them from the office. One female church member, 54-year-old Liang Guihua, was thrown into a wall and rendered unconscious for more than 10 minutes,” the group claimed. “After the assault the members went to a local hospital for evaluation.”

The organization said that authorities “have now resorted to the burning of Bibles…to hinder the growth of the House Church [movement] in China.” China’s government has denied human rights abuses, saying Christians are free to worship with the official Protestant and Catholic churches. However rights groups say most of China’s estimated 130 million Christians prefer to worship outside government control in homes of believers.

Read the entire article here.


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