Chinese Christians Hold Huge Gathering

New America Media is reporting that over 5,000 Chinese Christians met in Hong Kong for a Gospel of China conference.

“It’s the first time we held this conference out of the United States,” said Jingling Qu, executive editor of the [Christian Life] Quarterly. “The audience number doubled that of our former conferences.”

Christians from the mainland spread all over Hong Kong for board and lodging. Due to a shortage of hotel rooms, they filled churches – lying in sleeping bags at night and took shuttle buses to the three-day meeting at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, where the ceremonial transfer of the sovereignty of Hong Kong between the British and Chinese governments was held in 1997.

According to Christian Times, a Chinese-language weekly based in Hong Kong, a film documenting the hard lives of migrant workers, AIDS patients who got the disease by blood-transmission and homeless people was played at the conference. It triggered tears and prayers – especially among people living a similar life. More than half of the audience was from less developed or rural areas of China, where semi-underground home churches thrive. Most of them had never left Mainland China before.


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