An Independent Missionary in China

Dennis Dixon went to China years ago for much different reasons than those that are keeping him there now. The Palestine Herald-Press tells his story.

“I went to China and I liked it a lot,” Dixon recalled. “Though I had been saved when I was younger, I wasn’t what you would call a Christian at the time. I was living through some dark years and I went to China as a worldly man. And China is a great place for a worldly man.”

As a worldly man, Dixon managed a coffee shop, a restaurant and bar for his friend. In all, he was managing four different businesses, but his life took a different direction one day when a child was found living in the trash near his village.

The child had been kicked out of his home and had basically been sold into slavery before being discarded.

There was a private school in a village relatively close to Dixon, the school was run by the charity Gift of Joy, and was a Christian-based organization.

“I stayed almost a week at the private school,” Dixon noted. “There were 27 students there and they were all Christians.

“That’s when God revealed himself to me and I repented and came back to Him.”

Now Dixon ministers to those in China who are rejected by society because of mental illness and other conditions. Read the rest of the story to see how to support him financially.


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