China Evicts Christian Orphanage

Chinese authorities have evicted the caretakers and orphans of a Christian orphanage in Hubei Province, according to BosNewsLife, leaving them homeless.

In an open letter to Chinese President President Hu Jintao, obtained by BosNewsLife, orphanage leader and senior house church leader Ming Xuan Zhang said security forces raided the building in a Sanhe village near Sanhe City on Christmas Day last month.

He said that after presenting an eviction notice, local officials forced him, other care-takers including his two sons, and the orphans onto the street.

“Some corrupt political officials, who are always deceiving their superiors and subordinates, bring disgrace to you and our Party,” he wrote the president.

However, “I am determined to sacrifice my life for Jesus and our peaceful nation, even though I may be imprisoned or sentenced to death, if only for the hope that China will be really harmonious, strong, prosperous, free in religion, and full of love.”

The children slept in a hotel room as Zhang frantically searched for space to rent for the orphanage, confirmed China Aid Association (CAA), a major advocacy group involved in the case. Government officials apparently continue to hinder Zhang from renting space for his orphanage by threatening landlords who offer to lease to him.

“The five orphans are respectively only seven, eight, eleven, twelve and fourteen years old. They have no capacity to live and they now have had to suffer and starve on the pavement,” Ming Xuan Zang said. “Perhaps they will endanger the society one day, which is
not good for building the well-off society,” he added.


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