Thousands Rally Against Christmas Attacks

Ecumenical News International is reporting that almost 10,000 Indian Christians rallied in the capital of Orissa to protest the attacks that occurred over Christmas.

Pastor Sidheswar Digal was making Christmas preparations on 24 December when he heard a mob howling anti-Christian slogans outside his house. “When I came out, I saw our people running away into the jungle. They urged me, ‘run’, and I joined them,” said Pastor Digal who said his Assembly of God church was destroyed by a 600-strong mob. He said the mob destroyed all three churches in Pobingia, his, a Baptist and a Roman Catholic place of worship – writes Anto Akkara.

Rally speakers called on the Orissa state government to stop making allegations purporting that Christians are linked to an outlawed Maoist rebel movement. They also demanded that Christian churches and groups be allowed to provide direct relief to victims.

“Some people have characterised the violence as a Hindu-Christian clash. This is wrong. Dalit Christians were clearly the targets and innocent victims. The state government has also made baseless accusations that some Christian NGOs are aligned with Naxalites [the Maoists],” said Udit Raj, a speaker at the rally. Naxalites are Maoist rebels who often attack government installations throughout central India. Most are disenfranchised Dalits or Tribals.

Christians leaders also said the authorities were preventing their relief bodies from distributing aid in the area affected by the violence.

“Orissa’s government should allow direct relief projects by churches and Christian NGOs. Currently, we are being told we can only distribute blankets, food and other supplies through the District Collectors,” said Joseph D’souza, president of the All India Christian Council at the protest rally at which Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists also spoke in support of the Christians.


One Response to “Thousands Rally Against Christmas Attacks”

  1. “Christians leaders also said the authorities were preventing their relief bodies from distributing aid in the area affected by the violence.”

    Their real intetion is, to keep these Dalits people under oppression and in the same old primitive ages. They can not see them eating and drinking. The Can not see their kids going to school and learn about the outside world.

    Ultimately they are trying their best to keep them as slaves. Education, help, prayer, support , Gospel is going to transform them.

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