China Detains 270 Pastors

China Aid Association is reporting that China has arrested 270 pastors of house churches.

On December 7 at 1:30pm, House Church pastors in Hedeng District, Linyi City, were gathered for a Bible Study, when their meeting was disrupted by police officials. According to Pastor Li, an eyewitness, 12 police cars and 40-50 policemen from 12 different towns were involved in the massive detention. The pastors were handcuffed two-by-two and taken to the local police station for questioning. As of this morning 120-150 pastors remain in custody. The others have been released on a Y300 ($40) interrogation fee.

The humiliation these pastors received by being led away in handcuffs as common criminals, for attending a Bible study is an unjustifiable act of religious persecution. In addition, the large scale and high profile of the detentions shows the apathy of Chinese officials in moving towards a policy for toleration of religious freedom. Behavior unbecoming of the World’s host for the Olympic games in 2008.


One Response to “China Detains 270 Pastors”

  1. Mike Edwards Says:

    Mike: Your Dad sent me this in an e-mail; first I think it’s great that you are doing this, this information needs to be in the hands of every CHRISTIAN in America. Just as important would be for every TRUE CHRISTIAN in America to act upon this information by sending this to every politician in his/her state, both State & Federal. Secondly I personally am sick and tired of hearing SPIRIT FILLED CHRISTIANS complain about the attack on Christianity but doing nothing about it. We have a COMMAND in God’s Word to stand up for him, however, we are told that our Pastor’s can’t say anything from the pulpit about Politics. My question is do we obey God or man?, well I think this is also very plain in God’s Word, however, we fear maybe losing our tax exempt status which brings me to another question how many would TITHE if it was only because we wanted to?.

    Back to the Blog; we should all boycott any materials, goods, product, or vacation travel to China or any other regime that does not allow us freedom of religion. We should always be calling or e-mailing our opinions to our elected officials. Mike we love you guys!!!!!!!! Mike & Vicki Edwards.

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