Muslim terrorists get light sentences

According to Asia , three terrorists who beheaded three Christian girls in Indonesia in 2005 received light sentences, especially when you take into account the brutality of their crimes.

Yesterday a court in South Jakarta condemned Wiwin Kalahe alias Rahman to 19 years in prison; his accomplices Yudi Heriyanto alias Udit and Agus Nur Muhammad alias Agus Jenggot, received 10 and 14 years detention.

The public responded with dissatisfaction, saying the ruling was too “light” compared to other brutal crimes. The judges admitted that the trio’s terrorist actions provoked widespread anxiety and fear throughout Poso. According to Rohadi, a local from Jakarta, did not take this into consideration when it emitted its verdict: “They should have been sentence to death”. On October 29th the three Christian schoolgirls were walking to school when they were attacked and beheaded with machetes in the area of Gebang Rejo, Poso. Two of the heads were discovered close to a police station the third was left close to a Church. The case deeply moved public opinion both in Indonesia and abroad. President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono condemned the triple homicide, which Benedict XVI defined as a “barbarous assassination”.


3 Responses to “Muslim terrorists get light sentences”

  1. This truly is barbaric and if asked, the terrorists would probably say they are devout Muslims following Muhammad and his ways. They would be right.

  2. I am curious why you insist on using your value judgments to decry the behavior of others, but bemoan the fact that others would be upset at out behavior, and beliefs.
    Safe to say, I am glad I am merely a believer in God, and not a Christian.

  3. Hmmm… value judgments of people killing others because of hate… It seems to be a pretty universal moral that killing innocent people is wrong. Should we not “decry” the actions of others when it involves killing innocent people? And how was I (or Mike) “bemoaning” the fact that others would be upset at out [sic] behavior”? What “God” are you a believer in? Please do not tell me that it is the same god that Jews, Christians, and Muslims pray to–just with different names. That is impossible, given the description of Allah throughout the Qu’ran. He is totally different than the God of the Jewish and Christian Scriptures. If not one of those Gods, then which one do you believe in? Just wondering… 🙂

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