“Remains of the Day”

Christian Today is reporting that there will be a major documentary airing on satellite television in the UK next week. “Remains of the Day” is about the persecuted church in Nigeria.

‘Remains of the Day’ is co-produced by Release International, Christian Solidarity Worldwide and The Voice of the Martyrs Canada and is meant to raise awareness of the plight of Christians in Nigeria as well as generate prayer and support for them.

Thousands of Christians have been killed as a result of violent persecution in Nigeria. The documentary covers the story of five Christians in Maiduguri where a mob went to torch their houses, churches and businesses, killing 65 people.

Recently the police have been using tanks on the streets to prevent more attacks by extremists.

In ‘Remains of the Day’, the amazing faith of Nigerian Christians who have suffered persecution comes to light. Hannatu, whose three children were killed by being driven into flames, said, “I have forgiven them already – it was very difficult, but Jesus did it for me.”

The documentary is by award-winning journalist Andrew Boyd who poses challenging questions for viewers: Could we forgive? Should we defend ourselves? And why have the killers gone unpunished?

The documentary also warns that more attacks could follow, and tells how Christians in the UK can help.

‘Remains of the Day’ will be broadcasted on Genesis TV on 20 November at 9pm and will be followed by a one hour studio and phone in discussion at 10pm.

Revelation TV will broadcast the first 30 minutes at the same time, but will show the full programme at 1am and 1.30pm the next day.


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