Christian Businessmen in China

Mengai Feng has written an article in Christian Today that discusses the impact that Christian businessmen are having in China today, reaching people groups that do not have churches or full-time ministers.

According to statistics, close to 30 administrative executives of large corporations are Christians. They treat their staff generously. They do not engage in illegal activities. They do not miss ignore their tax responsibilities, and are honest and reliable, which earns a lot of respect in society.

As a result of this, company workers are positively influenced, and many are coming to believe in Christ as a result. The Christian executives also preach the gospel to other company’s executives, scattering the good seeds in the hearts of those executives and managers who are not yet believers.

They cooperate with churches to host bible-studies and evangelism. In the factories along the coast, Christian business owners of smaller scale companies utilise different approaches, including hosting meal gatherings, teaching new facts and bible-studies to allow the lower-income workers to hear the gospel.


2 Responses to “Christian Businessmen in China”

  1. Phil Amakwe Says:

    Am really happy to read that the church of Christ is gaining grounds in the business community in China. It will go a long way in shaping the minds of business people and take their minds off dubious activities especially the lower-income workers which is the bane of most modern businesses. I pray that God will continue to enrich his people with knowledge and wisdom to serve in his vineyard. God bless the Chritian community in China and the initiators of this noble cause in Jesus Name, Amen.


  2. Rev, Samuel Sardar Says:

    GOD BLESS CHINA. I am Rev, Samuel in Karachi Pakistan very happy to know about the Christian Businessmen in China

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