The First Shot

Well, this year’s first shot in the annual War On Christmas has been fired in Fort Collins, Colorado. Seems that a city-appointed task force has recommended that city property not display any colored lights during the Christmas season–only white lights and secular snowflakes. In the spirit of inclusiveness. From the Rocky Mountain News

Unaware of any brouhaha brewing, Drew and Christi Bankston strolled through downtown last week. The parents of five kids, ages 6 to 16, they were feeling the first tug of the season.

“We wanted to come downtown to see if any Christmas things were put up yet,” Christi said.

The Bankstons learned that, if the task force has its way, decorated garlands, ribbons, colored lights and Christmas trees will be banned from all outdoor city displays as too “religious.”

Instead, religions that hold winter celebrations – nine of them – would be featured at an “inclusive” educational display at the Fort Collins Museum.

Such a bureaucratic solution didn’t cut to the heart of the issue, as the Bankstons saw it:

“How can ribbons and bows and Christmas trees offend people?” wondered Drew Bankston, a videographer. “Thirty years ago the issue was, ‘Put Christ back into Christmas.’ Now this!”

Good is evil. Victory in Iraq is defeat. Restricting colors of lights is inclusive. Ahhhh, what a wonderful world.


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