Torture of Christian in Eritrea

Stacy Harp at Persecution Blog passes on the story by Jeff Sellers from Compass Direct of a 33-year old Christian woman being tortured to death by authorities in Eritrea in an effort to get her to renounce her faith. It was the fourth such incident in less than a year.

Citing Christian sources in the East African nation, Open Doors reported that 33-year-old Nigsti Haile was killed for refusing to sign a letter renouncing her faith. Held at the Wi’a military training center 20 miles south of the Red Sea port of Massawa, Haile was one of 10 single Christian women arrested at an independent church gathering in Keren. The women have spent 18 months under severe pressure.

Eritrea officially recognizes only Orthodox, Catholic, and Lutheran Christian churches. In May 2002, it outlawed independent Protestant churches, closing their buildings and banning them from meeting in private homes. Haile was a member of a Rhema church.

Earlier this year, on February 15, Magos Solomon Semere died under torture at the Adi-Nefase military confinement facility outside Assab, four and a half years after the Eritrean regime jailed him for worshiping in a banned Protestant church. And last October 17, Immanuel Andegergesh, 23, and Kibrom Firemichel, 30, were arrested for holding a religious service in a private home south of Asmara. Two days later, they died from torture wounds and severe dehydration in a military camp outside the town of Adi-Quala.


2 Responses to “Torture of Christian in Eritrea”

  1. Why do people feel compeled to further distribute unsubstanciated stories ?

    I think christians every where should be praying and doing everything they could to stop the war that is looming between Eritrea and Ethiopia that killed more than 100000 people last time around instead.

  2. Simon, has this story been disproved? If so, please send me the evidence and I will delete the post. For what reason do you call the story unsubstantiated? If you go to, you’ll find more information on this incident and similar incidents in which Christians are being jailed and persecuted for their beliefs. Amnesty International is quoted in the article. If you contact Open Doors or Compass Direct, they might be able to give you more info on their sources, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t give you names since their sources are probably in hiding for obvious reasons.
    But I do agree with you, that Christians need to be praying for the overall situation in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

    God Bless,

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