Australian Christians Arrested in China

According to The Epoch Times, Chinese authorities have placed an Australian couple under house arrest. The couple, Daniel and Eliza Ng, own The Enoch Group, an ecological company with divisions in Australia, China, and Hong Kong.

Chinese authorities accuse them of employing a large number of Chinese Christians, and promoting a company culture favourable to Christianity.

This move against the Enoch Group is said to send a strong warning signal to other foreign companies in China owned by Christians.

According to an appeal letter sent by Mrs Ng, both their Guangzhou office and factory was raided by a large group of agents from the Public Security Bureau on August 21. Dozens of employees were subject to interrogations, including beatings and detention in the district police station. Company assets including computers, financial records, intellectual property, and mobile phones were all confiscated. On September 13 the company’s and the couple’s personal assets were frozen. Several days later they were barred from travelling. In October they were formally placed under house-arrest, and plainclothes officers were stationed around their house.

“This is clearly a case of religious persecution under the guise of trumpeted charges,” said Bob Fu from China Aid, who has personally known Mr and Mrs Ng since 1995. “International investors should be alarmed by the blatant violation of the rule of law in the way this case is being handled.”


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