Christians in Pakistan Fearful During Unrest

Ekklesia is reporting that with the present turmoil in Pakistan, Christians and other minorities are worried that Muslims will use the violence as an excuse to commit further acts of violence against them.

In one of a number of incidents in recent weeks, two Catholic sanitary workers were reportedly shot and killed because they refused to convert to Islam. Bribery allegations were also involved.

A Catholic-run public high school in Sangota, in the Swat Valley, was also attacked by a group calling itself Janisaran-i-Islam, allegedly for “forcibly converting students” and “encouraging un-Islamic behaviour.” The school has re-opened after a period of closure.

But some Muslims who boycotted and attacked Christians in Gowindh, a Punjabi village of 10,000 people, have subsequently apologised for their actions, which were stirred up by misinformation from extremists.

Several Pakistani Christian leaders and church officials have distanced themselves from General Musharraf and criticised his policies recently, amidst claims from militants that they back the West and US policies.

Keep our Pakistani brothers and sisters in your prayers during this time of turbulence.


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