House church attacked in China

Lest anyone think that China has softened in its stance against Christianity, the Christian Newswire is reporting that police in Shanghai attacked a house church less than 2 weeks ago.

China Aid Association was just informed that December 9th, 2006 a house church in Changqiao, Shanghai was attacked by the local police. A brother named Wang Mingwei was taken to the police station, along with some church belongings. CAA is investigating the event and trying to acquire more details.Photo: Brother Wang Weiliang

In the same article, on a different incident:

CAA learned that the Xiaosha intermediate People’s 10th Court, Hangzhou City has scheduled a trial for the famous Xiaoshan case at 8am, December 22, 2006, more than 4 months after the Dangshan church was demolished by the local government. Eight Christians: Shen Chengyi, Shen Zhuke (female), Wang Weiliang, Feng Guangliang, Ni Weimin, Guo Lijun, Shen Jianjian, Luo Bingliang, will stand trial on charges of inciting a crowd to resist law enforcement. Six of the eight Christians are currently detained in the detention center. Shen Jianjian and Luo Baoliang are out on bail pending trial.December 8, 2006, family members of the eight Christians received indictments from the Xiaoshan Prosecutor, Hangzhou City.

CAA also learned that Brother Zan Aizong, the ex-chief of the Hangzhou reporter station of Chinese Ocean Newspaper, who was fired because he criticized the Xiaoshan event, has brought a lawsuit against the Internet Supervising Division of the Hangzhou PSB, which placed him in custody for 7 days on the charge of disturbing the public order by spreading rumors on the Internet. The Shangcheng District People’s Court has accepted his lawsuit and will try it December 19, 2006. Brother Zan Aizong had just returned to Hangzhou following a short visit to US.

Remember to keep these brothers and sisters in Christ in your prayers. For more info on the persecuted church, visit Persecution Blog.


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