More on College of William & Mary

Retired Air Force Brigadier General George Forschler has written a letter to the editor of the Alexandria Gazette in response to the president of the College of William and Mary ordering a cross removed from the campus chapel in an effort to promote diversity. I posted on this a few days ago. A few lines from his letter:

William & Mary, one of America’s oldest universities, [now a public university] was founded as a school of divinity in 1693. That Christian tradition lives today, and any student or parent sending a student to the college is undoubtedly aware of that. Freedom of association is one of this Nation’s founding principles. If students enter or avoid William & Mary due to its Christian roots, that is their choice.
The only religion being persecuted by Nichol’s decision is Christianity itself. A Muslim or Jewish school would not remove holy symbols from a mosque or synagogue to make room for other faiths, nor should they be expected to.

Hopefully, those in Virginia with a little common sense will join General Forschler and help president Nichol see the light.


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