Muslims monopolize “multifaith” room at Ryerson U.

Little Green Footballs has this story about Ryerson University in Toronto. Apparently, the Muslim Students’ Association (MSA) has become the largest student group on campus. Well, now they’ve totally booked the “multifaith” room on campus so that no other student groups can ever book time in it. According to the article in The Eye Opener , an independent Ryerson newspaper,

Eric Da Silva, president of the Catholic Student Association, says the group looked into using the room for mass but was told by RSU front desk staff that the room was “permanently booked” by Muslim students.“No one is trying to take away the space from the Muslims, we just don’t want to be stepping on their toes,” says Da Silva. He stresses that the group found another space to hold mass and the conflict was quickly resolved. Da Silva acknowledges that Muslims have a stricter prayer schedule than Catholics, but he challenges whether the room should be called a multifaith one. The space, which is divided to separate males from females, has rows taped on the floor for prayer and Islamic decorations adorning the walls, is only accommodating to Muslims.

Why are they afraid to press the issue? It sounds like the non-Muslims are walking on eggshells, afraid that if they upset the Muslims, their campus will be visited by suicide bombers. It’s not a surprising reaction, really. When all that you hear in the news are stories of radical Muslims practicing their religion, blowing up all non-believers. If it was the other way around, with Christians not allowing Muslims to have any time in the multifaith room, I think the university administration would waste no time in forcing equal opportunity. Any bets on whether Ryerson will do anything about this situation?


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