College removes cross from chapel in “spirit of diversity”

And from today’s Political Correctness Run Amok files, WTKR, a TV station in Virginia, is reporting that the President of the College of William and Mary has ordered a cross removed from an altar in the Sir Christopher Wren Chapel “in the spirit of diversity and to make the chapel ‘more welcoming to all’ “.

The cross had been a part of the chapel for the past 60 years. The president stated that “If you’re not a Protestant Christian and you go into that room and see the symbol that’s there, to some, it’s a message that, yes, this is a beautiful space, but it really isn’t mine.”

I’m sorry, but isn’t a Christian chapel supposed to be about Christ? The cross is the symbol of Christ’s death for us and our sins. The very idea that we are sinners in need of a savior is offensive to many. If you want to remove a symbol that helps make a building a chapel, why even call it a chapel? Do they have to remove all the Bibles when it is used for a secular purpose?

The student senate introduced a bill to reverse the decision, but it was rejected. A student group is still trying to get the cross restored. See their website:


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